“Dale un pescado a un hombre y comerá un día, enséñale a pescar y comerá siempre” - Confucio

Eliza y Thomas han llegado bien a casa y muestran su agradecimiento

18 de julio de 2020

Nuestro compañero Manuel Gil ha llevado ha Eliza y Thomas al aeropuerto de Barcelona y gestionado con ellos los trámites de su facturación y embarque. Tras el vuelo hemos recibido la confirmación de que Eliza y Thomas han llegado bien a Monrovia, el próximo lunes se incorporan al St. Joseph's Catholic Hospital y el Brother Peter nos pasará su informe. Tenemos varios mensajes tanto de Eliza y Thomas como de Brother Peter.


Por parte de Eliza y Thomas:

Hope you are good as I'm. Just wanted you to know we're thankful for the love,care and support you showed  us during our stay in Valencia. Thanks to you all for your immense contribution during the course of our training. Words are inadequate to express how we feel. One thing is sure we remain grateful to you all. We're looking forward to seeing you soon.
Best regards,

Thomas S. Kettor

Dear all,  Good morning hope you all are doing pretty well. Just to have you informed that we've arrived safely back to Monrovia. Thanks to you all for making things possible in times like these. You all are such an amazing people that will not be forgotten. Hope to see you soon.
Warm regards

Eliza Berry

Greetings from Liberia as I hope you are doing well.
I write to inform you that Eliza and Thomas arrived safely to Liberia. Though I have not seen them yet, they called to inform me. I want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting them in all their stay and back to Liberia. We are very grateful as a hospital.

Will keep you informed as soon as they start to work.

Br. Peter L. - Hospital Director - St. Joseph Catholic Hospital - Monrovia, Liberia