“Dale un pescado a un hombre y comerá un día, enséñale a pescar y comerá siempre” - Confucio

Presentación de Mr. Cyprian al Dr. Galiana, su mentor en Valencia

Mr. Cyprian, enfermero anestesista, expresa claramente la emoción, interés y agradecimiento por la oportunidad que se le abre

20 de enero de 2018

Proyecto: Es parte de un proyecto global de laparoscopia en ginecología, urología y medicina general

Como presentación Mr. Cyprian ha enviado un correo electrónico dirigido al Dr. García Galiana, que será su mentor. Os dejamos copia de su texto porque expresa claramente la emoción, interés y agradecimiento por la oportunidad que se le abre.

Hello Dr Garcia,

I feel so delighted writing you from this part of the world and so anxious meeting you for the first time in life. Equally, I wish to thank you immensely for the good works you are doing and to plead that I will soon be one of your students as from the 5th February, to 30th April 2018.

I am a Nurse Anesthetist, trained in Nigeria (University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu) and has been working in Shisong Hospital for 31 years and as Anesthetist for 12 years. I humbly wish to be drilled into some aspects of Anesthesia especially on laparoscopic surgeries ie Urologic , Gynaeco-obstetric and General surgeries as well as intensive Care/Critical Care Unit, Geriatric and paediatric Anesthesia. Other areas include Proper epidural Catheter placement, techniques of difficult Endo-tracheal intubation, etc.

Beside that I am to come up with a good project for the installation of a Laparoscopic unit for our hospital in Cameroon, a 3 - 5 years Development plan. I count on you and promise to be hardworking, smart to understand and humble during my clinical placement. I am fully aware that these will help me achieve my primary objectives.

Indeed, I look anxiously meeting you in February 2018, thanks to Dr Rubio, Dr Casanova, Anna and a good number of you that collaborate to come up with this fantastic project. Warm greetings to everyone of you.

God bless you and your families abundantly. Yours junior staff,